Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blend the stereotyping in elections

It is interesting for me to hear that the KC Mayoral election is between two candidates who come from different racially different backgrounds. What this tells me is that the people who are voting in this election are stereotyping their candidates. Surely our citizens are much more intelligent than that, I know they are. For example, if I had to choose a type of dog to represent my interests, I'd have to choose a well-bred mutt. The reason being is that appearances can be deceiving. Here's my point:

I am a dark-blonde, blue-eyed, young woman (Conservative).
Who sometimes bleaches my hair (Liberal).

Who wants to date a classy, fun, handsome, intelligent gentleman (Conservative).
But who typically finds conversation easier with Top Gun outside of the Barnes and Noble at the Country Club Plaza (Liberal, and to clarify, I said conversation, people).

Who listens to both sides constructively before diplomatically responding (Conservative).
And enjoys a witty argument, perhaps even with a joke (Liberal).
Who is known to take the opposing side, not for argument's sake, but for opening other's minds (Liberal).

Who wants to live in a fantastically posh mansion larger than yours (Conservative, or Liberal if you watch MTV Cribs).
But has spent the majority of my 29 years in Wyandotte County (Liberal).

Who wants to go to a highly expensive top-rated college to obtain an MBA (Conservative or Liberal, depending)
But instead started out at a community college to save money despite being at the top of my high school class (Liberal).

Who plans to start several businesses and build an empire, complete with a magazine (Conservative).
Yet has proved through my extensive list of volunteer activities and roles that some things are more important than money (Liberal).

Who at certain times in my life have been well-respected by authority (Conservative).
But has also been psychological and physically beaten up by those in power (Liberal).

Who wants to be rich beyond belief (Conservative).
And has found more riches than I could have ever imagined by being poor (Liberal).

Basically, what I'm wanting to say is that I am both Democratic and Republican, as I believe others to be. The State Line in Kansas City needs to be erased, as with the line between who is Democratic and Republican. What needs to happen is that we need to teach Democrats the positives of becoming Republican, and the Republicans the positives of becoming Democrats. For I believe a person who is both Republican and Democrat is stronger and can more easily make an educated decision. Balance, people, balance. Find the common ground and build on those similarities first to find strength.

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