Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good day for 3M

A couple of my Post Its made quite a stir among my work friends today. "What the heck do they mean?" they inquired, yet not as cursefree. So now I suppose I'll tell them while I look forward to them making fun of me on Thursday morning.

I came up with a new product for 3M. Another Post It product.

As I was putting together a large, thick, sealed envelope to be mailed through FedEx, I grabbed a large paperclip to attach the FedEx directions to the envelope. But the envelope was too thick. Not wanting to damage the envelope with tape, I quickly grabbed a Post It, ripped off the sticky part, and used it as tape.

Now, I suppose I could have used a large binder clip, but that would have required that I open my drawer to remove one.

If you have seen the movie Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, you would have a great appreciation for my discovery.


John said...

I am not sure what the sticky is on Post-Its.. But it definately is infinately superior to knock-offs.

I once saw a blog (I believe) article where they did a collage mural out of Post-Its on a wall in a conference room. It was pretty interesting..

"The D" said...

Nice job Steph you have invented tape! Your a talent blogger I found it through TKC.
Keep up the good work.